The DTG (Direct To Garment) technique able to print image directly on t-shirt.

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is a revolutionary new printing technique that offers many benefits for consumers.   Unlike silk screen printing where there is an initial set up cost, the direct to garment method requires very little setup work and is notably cheaper in price than silk screen printing.

In addition to set up costs, the labour involved in direct to garment printing is minimal as the process involves a computer aided printer, known as the direct to garment printer   The digital printing equipment are “non-contact”, which means that the images are printed on the garment without physical interaction.  This computer aided process prevents distortion and offers a more precise image.  The DTG technology is a specialized hybrid of the ink jet technology that is found in many home/office printers.

All direct to garment printing uses image information that is converted into binary code, which is later translated back into an image while at the print head.  Such digital processing greatly speeds up production while reducing production costs.  Presently, direct to garment printing is one of the most popular method of garment printing.

The Direct to garment printing method has many names in the t shirt printing business and is also known as DTG printing, digital apparel printing, digital direct to garment printing, and ink jet to garment printing.

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